Forensic Science students – good for nothing?

Forensic Science students – good for nothing?

Is that a misleading headline? Are Forensic Science students good for nothing?

I certainly do NOT think so I believe they all have something to offer but I recently came across Gradcracker the STEM careers website that says it has jobs for all STEM careers.

It even has a search box to tick for forensic science students to search for careers in their chosen discipline.

UNFORTUNATELY there is not one job in the forensic sciences on their platform. They class programmers for PWC or cyber security specialists for some other firm as suitable for Forensic Science students hahaha

What a load of rubbish.

Forensic science students do not learn programming or data recovery, or any f those specialist skills needed for any of the roles listed. Not one is suitable for a forensic science student.

Now I am not bashing the website, its a great idea and has some good features, it might be ideal if you want to join the Navy (although why through their platform I will never know) but it is certainly no good at all for forensic science students.

So what should you do? Well follow this website, follow our facebook and twitter and you will be informed of the right jobs, within your skills sets and not drawn up a fantasy garden by people who have no idea what you are capable of.

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