Forensic Science inquiry call for evidence

The House of Lords Science and Technology Select Committee, under the Chairmanship of Lord Patel, is conducting an inquiry into forensic science.

The Committee invites interested individuals and organisations to submit evidence to this inquiry.

In recent years concerns have been raised about the state of forensic science in the UK, and in particular in England and Wales. In July 2013 an inquiry by the House of Commons Science and Technology Committee concluded that major crimes could go unsolved unless the Government did more to support forensic science. In 2015, the National Audit Office warned that forensic science provision was under threat because police were increasingly relying on unregulated experts to examine samples from suspects and crime scenes.

This is an ideal time for you to have a say about your industry.

It is an industry that has been crippled by not only the closure of the FSS, but also market reactions, financial budgets and that age old problem of big business starving the smaller companies.

Now is the time to have your say and improve forensic science for all.

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