Following a great idea from the Defrosting Cold Cases web site called Doug’s offer to law enforcement which was posted by Vidocq on September 16th, 2011 Doug Carner‘s company, Forensic Protection, has a great offer for law enforcement so Vidster gladly posts this message:


The lab at Forensic Protection has invented some of the industry’s most advanced audio – video enhancement and authentication tools. They routinely donate their resources to help law enforcement solve cold cases.

If your evidence box includes audio or video files, their technicians can improve the clarity.

What we do: Enhance, edit and authenticate audio and video files to support an investigation, litigation or resolution…better, faster and more affordable than anyone else.

Why we do it: Evidentiary clarity is the voice of justice. It must be of the highest quality and available to all who need it.

This is our business and our passion.

Offer: Free cold case audio & video enhancement services for law enforcement.

More details can be found here

and here


To that end we would also like to open the offer to any law enforcement organisation to review any evidence involving fingerprint recovery.

C.P.D.M.S. Ltd will review your evidence and ensure the audit of chemical treatments is complete and any that could be completed will be completed.

Again, this is our passion and our expertise which is why we can offer such a service for cold cases.

We will also examine other types of evidence at request providing advice on the best course of action to maximise best evidence for the courts and the case.

Please get in touch with us here