Finally you can register

OK so the issues affecting the WorldSkills UK registration system are fixed To a point…

If you are registering a number of your students rather than them doing it themselves you may have difficulties.

This is due to some silly issue about points of contact for each organisation.

Should you have issues or the organisation box be greyed out please ring

To be compliant with GDPR, this year we have to control the access to the competitors that have been registered on the system. To do this we are allowing Organisations to be setup by only one individual. This main point of contact is then responsible for inviting colleagues (Points of Contact) to support in the setup of competitions and competitors.

If an individual tries to register their organisation, but finds that organisation is already claimed (greyed out) they can do the following:

1. Contact their colleagues to see who the main contact is, and ask to be added as a Point of Contact

2. Contact our call centre on 0800 612 0742, or email  WorldSkills UK will then identify the main point of contact at the specific organisation and contact them.  [Which to me is rather silly, Editor…]

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