Fake Dr Bones

I worked on the Germanwings air crash and first met “Dr Bones” in Liverpool at the families call centre where this “world renound” pathologist was working for £130 a day… to take telephone calls from the families.

Not about pathology or anything like that but to help them in the initial days after this devastating incident. The murder of their families.

Why would a pathlogist be doing this role??????

That was the first thing that made me wonder…

It was not the last as the next thing that happened was he gave me his business card…

As you can see it provided a moment of amusement before the realisation that this cannot be true! Who on earth would have a slogan on a pathologists business card?

Obviously I was suspicious as the following is the back of his card and was what I wrote as soon as I received it…

Now the BBC are reporting that he never went to the site of the air crash of the Germanwings aircraft… and he didn’t, but he did have responsibilities to sign off on the repatriation of remains….

Some people seem to have a short memory.

But at least this dirt bag who brings shame on not only himself but all those who had no choice to work with him through the inappropriate employment of people.

Was he the only one who should never have been working with certain organisations?

Anyway here is the latest report…. [BBC]

As a final note I really do hope the families of those lost have not been deceived and may their loved ones RIP.

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