Exploring light at Pi: Platform for Investigation

Forensic Science uses light in a lot of different areas.
From searching for fingerprints through to identifying different refraction of glass, and using wavelengths of light to search for evidence.

The Knowledge Transfer Network invites you to spend an exciting day at the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester.

This event will take you on an engaging, fun and informative journey through exhibitions and interactive displays for the young and old at the Platform for Investigation (Pi) at the Museum of Science & Industry. This event is part of the Museum’s monthly contemporary science programme showcasing cutting edge research, live experiments and art and science collaborations.

2015 is the International Year of light and photonics is the science of light.

Photonics impacts everything in our everyday lives: smartphones, internet, transport, food production, airport security, jewelry and of course lighting just to name a few. The 21st century will depend as much on photonics as the 20th century depended on electronics. This event provides the opportunity for anyone to experience, experiment and play with light (photonics) in an exciting, hands-on way.

The event will take place on Saturday the 17th of January from 10:30 to 15:30. The event is open to the public and is free entry, therefore registration ahead of the event is not required. 

We hope to see you at Pi and inspire you to explore light and photonics.

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