Exciting news…

Ladies and Gents it is time to release some information we have been working to secure for some time.

In the year Team GB broke all records at the Olympic and Paralympic Games, in the same week Andy Murray is crowned King of the Tennis World we can reveal that our Medal Presenter for the WorldSkills UK Forensic Science competition brings together the world of Sport and the World of Skills for the first time.

Holding not one, not two BUT THREE Special Olympic Gold Medals Kiera Byland is an outstanding champion for British Cycling!

Not only that but Kiera also holds two bronze medals in swimming as part of her horde of over 70 combined British and International Medals.

Bridging the gap to show how a strong work ethic, dedication and determination can make you a champion Kiera who is only 18 years old believes the same qualities that made her a champion can be used in the workplace to ensure young people succeed and shine.

Kiera will be present during the day on Saturday 19th March 2016 attending the Skills Show before she also attends the medal ceremony to present the Gold Medal to the WorldSkills UK Winner for 2016.

Don’t forget the Skills Show is free to attend so to see what all the fuss is about or to give young people a real head start into the careers they want head to the NEC on Saturday the 19th of November. Entrance is free.

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