An inspiring series of lectures for young or older audiences set against a backdrop of forensic services.

From true crime of murder and mayhem through to the impossible investigation into Jack Warner at FIFA you will be inspired listening and finding out the truth of how individual incidents are investigated, and science is used to identify the innocent or guilty.

Available for your university, college, school or club. Not available to individuals presently.

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Content available:

  • RAF Nimrod MR2 Flight XV230 – Catastrophic occurrence at 33000 feet. Identifying fact from fiction
  • RAF Hercules Flight XV179 – Hostile fire downs RAF flight
  • The World Cup Expelled from FIFA – Jack Warner – covert forensics in a distant country
  • Little Hope – 8 year old Hope Arismandez was found in a cane field at Pierre Road Connector in Chaguanas, Trinidad. Discover the wealth of forensic evidence connecting her murderer to the crime scene.
  • Debbie’s Bare Feet – A kidnap case from December 2006 in which a brave lady survived
  • Mr Kahn – Kidnap resulting in murder
  • Searching for protection – Investigations into death that result in helping the living
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