Team Building – Corporate Events

 Can you solve the murder in the woods?

With a kidnap and ransom demand you will follow the criminals through the crime and uncover who did what and when…

Our corporate events are ideal to be used for:

  • Identification of staff for promotion
  • Identification of potential new staff
  • Identification of hidden talents within existing teams
  • Building and bonding teams of co-workers and departments, especially during mergers
  • Giving staff insights into different roles and responsibilities

Your staff will have to work efficiently and collaboratively, using resources wisely and communicating essential messages if they are to succeed in solving the case before the murderer strikes again. Who will be the next victim? One of your team?

The day is structured to meet your needs and tasks can be allocated to place staff in unfamiliar roles such as replacing managers and diversifying team members, thus allowing an insight into hidden talents and providing individuals with an insight into the challenges faced by others.

These days are designed to be fun, informative and very rewarding for both individuals and companies.

Our corporate events are held at our own facility in Ashton under Lyne however, with enough notice, it is possible to arrange an event at a venue of your choice.

Why not get even more out of the event by structuring a staff meeting into the day?

To enquire about your event please email us here 


Some testimonials:

I just wanted to pass on some great feedback from [client] and say a big thank you!  Here’s an email I received.

“I wanted to pass on some of the following comments:

  • I thought that both events were excellent – the CSI event really helped to facilitate cross functional team work across the franchise
  • Both the CIS event and the evening entertainment were brilliant, I think it really brought the team together and I was left feeling really delighted that I work in such a fab franchise. Can’t wait for the next cycle meeting
  • I thought the CSI event was the best quality team building activity that I have been to in years, really enjoyed it. It was very different and engaging and you can see how everyone was getting really involved and having a great time working together. I think overall the fact that the franchise has put funding towards such high quality events  is excellent, makes us feel very valued as members of the team, and great to be able to have fun together.
  • CSI event – really well organised and structured with a good pace to it which kept the teams moving. Really good energiser and got everyone working together really well. Great concept as it appealed to us from a science perspective. I found it really good fun and I learnt something too which was brilliant. From a team bonding perspective I thought it hit our objectives in that it made everyone participate (no one could just sit back and hide), you were mixed up randomly with people you wouldn’t normally work with which was a good bonus and it provided something for people to continue to talk about later so it was a real bonding experience in that respect.
  • I felt the choice of event was perfect. I saw the team split into groups, with colleagues they don’t normally chat to, and spend the afternoon working together, and having fun.  I believe this will impact of engagement and team bond in a significant way, without feeling forced or artificial.
  • The CSI workshop was really engaging with a good pace and ensured everyone was actively involved and working together without anyone feeling put on the spot or having to share personal information as is sometimes required in team-building activities.

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