Complete Forensics offers a science club on Saturdays for young people aged 6 to 16.

The club is free to attend and delivers in different areas.

Activities revolve around science within the theme of Forensic Science but as we grow the club more activities are going to be delivered.

Feedback about the club is exceptional and one young ladies mum said to me yesterday that her daughter now wanted to be a forensic scientist due to this club! That fills me with pride and I firmly believe we can deliver more. See the feedback here.

But its not free to run and equipment is our main cost. So you can help by either donating or using the donation reminder from Easy Fundraising when you shop online.

This is perfect because you don’t actually give us any money. You just have a handy phone or browser add on that sees you make a purchase and donates a little from the retailer to us.

Its completely free for you but means millions to us. Just click here