Crime Scene Psychology

I know, it doesn’t seem right to be mixing those two disciplines but that is exactly what Martyn Stewart (@martynpsych) did last week by combining a conference in the capital of Qatar, Doha, and inviting speakers with experience and knowledge.

And you know what, it worked really well.

The conference was created to bring students from the Middle East a flavour of science and introduce them to how the disciplines can work together.

Delving into the mind of an offender can lead to identifying some of the most important evidence, we all do it, picturing how the offender got in or out a dwelling, how they held onto someone as they attacked someone or how they held a bottle before using it as a weapon. But really getting into the mind can often help provide much more detail.

Likewise the crime scene investigator can provide many different clues for the psychologist to work with both to help identify the type of person you are looking for but also to help them draw conclusions about their state of mind during the incident.

The conference saw workshops delivered in crime scene investigation, the psychology of offenders by Simon Bowes, sports psychology and last but by no means least the amazing James Fallon (@jameshfallon), Author of The Psychopath Inside: A Neuroscientist’s Personal Journey into the Dark Side of the Brain, TV personality and Neuroscientist.

And lastly my thanks go to Dr Steffen Sommer, Principle at Doha College for hosting us. Our thanks and greetings from the UK.

So thank you Martyn for the chance to speak which I really enjoyed, and good luck to all those young inspiring people I met.

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