Cold Case Reviews

We have all seen the news on a regular basis regarding the overturning of convictions, miss-carriages of justice and the review of a seemingly impossible case to crack.

These news stories remind us that the evidence we hunt for, recover and process must stand up to scrutiny which sometimes only comes to light many years into the future.

Many people write about Cold Case Reviews and its fair to say everyone has an opinion but few actually do anything about it, until now…

Defrosting Cold Cases is a blog dedicated to Cold Case reviews in the hope that experts using social media including Twitter can comment and point investigators in new directions.

Obviously not every aspect of a cold case can be disclosed to the public so the details talked about are ones that are in the public domain. That said, the experts who are regulars on this blog have and continue to help investigations move forward.

Enough about me talking, hit the image above or the link here to get taken to the blog, and see you on Friday with the hashtag #cclivechat

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