Celebrating Black History Month

It is only right people of colour as well as those traditionally celebrated are showcased and this is encouraged even more through celebrations such as Black History Month.

Well who in forensic science, and is black, has inspired and innovated…

We will start with Bessie Virginia Blount. See you have not heard of her but you should have ………

Bessie Virginia Blount, also known as Bessie Blount Griffin, (November 24, 1914 – December 30, 2009) was a writer, physical therapist, inventor, and forensic scientist.

Bessie had a many and varied career as a nurse, and an inventor before entering forensic science.

In 1969, Blount embarked on a second career, in law enforcement, pursuing forensic science research for police departments in New Jersey and Virginia.[3] During her previous patient therapy, while demonstrating ambidextrous functions, or writing with teeth or feet, she had begun to see a correlation between physical health and writing characteristics. From her observations, she saw how a person’s handwriting reflected their state of health. This discovery inspired her to publish a technical paper on “medical graphology.” After the publication of the paper, Blount’s career in forensics quickly grew. By the late 1960s she was assisting police departments in Norfolk, VAand Vineland, New Jersey, and later joined the Portsmouth, Virginia police department as a chief examiner. In 1977,the Metropolitan Police (Scotland Yard) Forensic Science Laboratory invited Blount to join them in London for advanced studies in graphology.[2] On returning, Blount started a consulting business, using her forensic experience to examine documents and slave papers from the pre-civil war. Blount operated that business until the age of 83.[3]


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