Can you help educate young people?

In an effort to raise standards and help young people decide at a young age what careers they would like to to we are starting a new series here at Complete Forensics where we will ask people working in the industry, at all levels, what their route in has been, how they advise you to go about getting in and what qualifications you also need.

Not only that we are looking at the many careers that are available in forensic science.

So we would like UK based people who are working in the industry to get in touch at and we will arrange a time to speak to you.

You can have you name and photo published or if not you can be anonymous but we would like to highlight the organisations you are from, so please ask any marketing, management or HR for the authorisation you need.

We firmly believe that to succeed young people need to be shown the qualifications they need at an early age. These should be more generic as they can change their minds but by the age of 15 they are on the last year of GCSE qualifications. This is too late to influence their minds with careers fairs.

Please help

Thank you

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