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Steven went missing on 27th December 1992 and hasn’t been seen since.

He went for a walk on the beach from Marske-by-Sea to Saltburn (North-East England)and never returned home.  Someone, somewhere must know what happened to him, or must have seen something.

Steven was involved in a road traffic accident when he was a toddler and as a result walks with a limp and can’t use his left hand.

He’s 6ft tall and has brown hair and blue eyes.

If you have any information, please, please get in touch and end the misery for his family.

Steven has been missing for 21 years, please join this group and send invites to your friends – the more people who see his pictures, the more chance we have of finding him.

Steven’s birthday is 30th August 1969 and he grew up in Benoni, South Africa, so may have a slight accent. He lived in Guildford and Markse-by-Sea in the UK before he disappeared. He’s now 44 and went missing when he was 23.

If you have a suspected sighting, please use a camera phone to record the person or just pass the details into us here.
Thank you for your support on behalf of his Mum, Dad, Sister (Victoria) and the extended family.

Let’s get Steven found.

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