Blowing the whistle

Despite having any statutory powers the UK Forensic Science Regulator has been busy putting the industry right as best she can through the publication of documents and the working will of forensic science providers, and the agencies that use them across the UK.

Long live that goodwill but we need to ask how long will it be before the Government eventually provides the powers the role requires to ensure standards are met across all the industry, helping safe justice and debunking bad science?

Promised in 2015 we are still waiting for those powers to be brought into law… Come on whoever takes over from May get it right and safeguard thousands of jobs but more importantly safeguard our science…

Talking of safeguarding the Regulator has been working with the National Charity CrimeStoppers (who you can anonymously report crime to) in order to set up the Forensic Science Regulator Anonymous Reporting Line.

A great idea but using this system may be challenging if you work in a small department or team. If you do and need to report something please do go ahead because you need to think of yourself rather than the profiteers of big companies.

You can ring up 0800 917 0967 or fill in an online form [here] to report the facts but remember those you speak to will most likely have no idea of the day to day running of the industry.

Good luck I really hope this never ever has to be used as I hope our science is safe, but… [Randox]

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