onwards & upwards…

well after the last 24 hours I am a little more settled now with what must come. After leving the Forces and joining this mob I thought I was settled but I must remember it was only for a short period of time really. And lets face it, if your not in the lord and masters good book you are never going to stay are you. the guy is a

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BBC News – Four hours for forensic DNA test

{{desc}} via BBC News – Four hours for forensic DNA test. Forensic scientists have developed a test that can match a suspect’s DNA to crime scene samples in just four hours. The new technique could greatly speed up forensic DNA testing, making the process almost as easy as matching fingerprints. Police could check whether a suspect’s DNA matches profiles in a database before a decision is taken on whether to

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well there you go

Well I did and I didn’t expect that to happen. I have been wanting to start up on my own for some time now and was starting to sort things out for it. Suddenly there is some degree of urgency. Due to the govenment in this country being almost as bad as the previous one people like “the prince in waiting” can try and have their own way and attempt

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Bandit kills DMO, woman's body found in grave

IN a daring day-light robbery attempt in California, near Couva yesterday, a bandit shot and killed a gas station owner, who is also a doctor. The bandit pretended to be a customer. http://www.newsday.co.tt/news/0,125148.html

Jamaican Cops cause a cock up on video

Jamaica police detained in killing caught on tape (AP) – 1 day ago KINGSTON, Jamaica — Jamaican police detained three of their own on Saturday after a video surfaced allegedly showing them beating and shooting a suspect to death. Police initially reported that the man stabbed a woman to death and then attacked the officers. They were said to have acted in self-defense. That story changed after the amateur footage,

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Where do you hang out?

I have just joined this group…Worldwide Investigation Network after finding them on linkedin. It looks like a new group for security professionals and is a secure place to hang out in. Have a look, its free and easy to join. http://privateinvestigations.ning.com/profiles/blog/list

exciting things you see at home

This amazing beast has seen yesterday on the decking at my house but today I found it cuddled up to one of my dogs lol. Lovely beastie really.

The Evening Standard story – Man to face trial over 1982 deaths

The Evening Standard user garyhoward1@hotmail.com wanted you to see this: “Man to face trial over 1982 deaths” A 54-year-old man will go on trial in November charged with the murders of a mother and her two young daughters nearly three decades ago. Wilbert Dyce, of Romford Road, Forest Gate, east London, appeared at the Old Bailey to deny the allegations. The bodies of Norma Richards, 27, and daughters Samantha, nine,

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The Evening Standard story – Worries over DNA database samples

The Evening Standard user garyhoward1@hotmail.com wanted you to see this: “Worries over DNA database samples” People who volunteer DNA samples for the national database risk implicating members of their families in crimes, a Government-appointed advisory group has said. The independent Ethics Group said plans to conduct familial searches of the national DNA database (NDNAD) could lead to family members of those whose samples are stored being linked to unsolved crimes.

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$1.6B for SAUTT

BETWEEN 2003 and 2009, the Special Anti-Crime Unit (SAUTT) which is not yet established by statute, was allocated an estimated $1.6 billion in State resources by the then PNM government, according to a report released this month which for the first time sheds light on the secret organisation’s intelligence-gathering activities and relationship with the Police Service. http://www.newsday.co.tt/news/0,124717.html