UK joins EU police evidence plan

Home Secretary Theresa May says she will sign an EU order allowing foreign police to gather evidence in the UK.

Man killed in police shootout

I have included the following case because of the numbers 18 police shoot outs this year. That’s terrible. There should be none. The police here like to shoot first and ask no questions later. Its like that. The dead man has been identified

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21st Century Caribbean

Ok so time for a rant. Not only are many people of this country lazy , yes they are… They accept any old excuse and rubbish that is thrown at them. The only time I have seen a local get vocal is if

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One in three secondary schools fingerprinting pupils

One in three secondary schools fingerprinting pupils as Big Brother regime sweeps education system By LAURA CLARK Last updated at 4:17 PM on 9th June 2010 Comments (27) Add to My Stories One in three secondary schools is forcing children to swipe their

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