The Finalists for the WorldSkills UK LIVE Forensic Science competition

It is with great pleasure and the utmost honour to release the names of the eight finalists for this years WorldSkills UK Forensic Science competition. These young people have shown beyond a doubt that they have the makings of future stars of our industry following in the footsteps of all those who have gone before. May I be the first (and I know not the last) to congratulate them all

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The work of the Biometrics Commissioner and the Forensic Science Regulator

The House of Commons Science and Technology  Committee has recently reported on the work of the Biometrics Commissioner and the Forensic Science Regulator in their Nineteenth Report of Session 2017–19 Report. Here is that report together with formal minutes relating to it. Unfortunatly it states the same as it has been doing for some time now that… In the face of an unstable forensics market which has been on the

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Engage school students with your own branch of science!

This November, the Royal Society of Chemistry is funding Elements Zone in I’m a Scientist, Get me out of here. It’s an online STEM engagement competition that gets chemists from industry and academia talking with curious school students during the International Year of the Periodic Table 2019. Elements Zone runs 11-22 November [WorldSkills UK is also on during this time], and members are invited to apply now! “The questions asked

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Want to teach in a Uni?

Huddersfield University in the UK is looking for an experienced PhD holder as a Lecturer/Senior Lecturer in Forensic and Analytical Science. The Application closing date is 29/07/2019 with a salary of Grade 7 £34,506 – £38,813 per annum or Grade 8 £39,974 – £50,596 per annum Personally I would love to see practitioners in these types of roles who have only a Masters or a BSc because then the courses

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Blowing the whistle

Despite having any statutory powers the UK Forensic Science Regulator has been busy putting the industry right as best she can through the publication of documents and the working will of forensic science providers, and the agencies that use them across the UK. Long live that goodwill but we need to ask how long will it be before the Government eventually provides the powers the role requires to ensure standards

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Help us raise some money

What wait… Complete Forensics needs cash? Why didn’t you say so… Said nobody ever… Well we do. We are looking to purchase a UV/VIS Spectrometer to use in our activities, displays and events. It will be used to inspire generations of new scientist and help young people see that science is not all maths and fiddling numbers it is actually a lot of fun, experimenting and working things out. The

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