Judges required

It’s that time of year again when we need to ask for your help. The WorldSkills UK forensic science competition is now coming up and judges are integral to the delivery of it.   To help deliver this one of a kind amazing competition please contact us without delay here   The dates and locations […]

Fast Track their Future

Register students and apprentices for WorldSkills UK Competitions now Registration for WorldSkills UK Competitions 2018 is now open! Enter your apprentices and students between 1 March and 7 April 2018, to take part. In a recent survey, over 95% of competitors believed that taking part in WorldSkills UK Competitions improved their technical and employability skills. […]

Apprenticeship Levy to drive involvement in WorldSkills UK Competitions

Participation in WorldSkills UK Competitions can be used to contribute to meeting the requirement of 20% off the job training for apprentices. It really is a win-win situation. The Government has announced that the Apprenticeship Levy can be used to support apprentices’ involvement in WorldSkills UK Competitions, as it recognises the benefits to both the […]

Global fluency for our future workforce

Against the backdrop of Brexit, there has been an increased focus on international trade and attracting more inward investment. There is an urgent need for a complementary skills narrative to support these global economic ambitions, but how can businesses develop young people’s world-class skills and mindset to help the UK attract this investment? WorldSkills UK harnessed the views of leading […]