Mathematics in Forensic Science

/ January 16, 2019

Mathematics is fast becoming one of the most important techniques in crime detection. Where once a Sherlock Holmes would have had to be content with a magnifying glass, or a jury with gut instinct and rational discussion, now a range of methods from probability and statistics are available to help. Today, mathematics lies behind expert conclusions on a hundred forensic

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Crime Scene Investigator (CSI) Tier 1

/ December 28, 2018

To provide a Crime Scene Investigation capability across the East Midlands Region ensuring a comprehensive, efficient and effective service is delivered for local and regional crime scene examinations by maximising the forensic opportunities to aid the investigative and criminal justice processes.

Walking home for Christmas

/ December 3, 2018

Hi everyone As you know I am a veteran and this year I am taking part in Walking Home For Christmas. By taking part in the #WalkingHomeForChristmas campaign, I’m giving hope to other veterans and their families who are struggling this Christmas by supporting programmes run by Walking With The Wounded and Help for Heroes which tackle key issues such

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Crime Scene Psychology

/ December 3, 2018

I know, it doesn’t seem right to be mixing those two disciplines but that is exactly what Martyn Stewart (@martynpsych) did last week by combining a conference in the capital of Qatar, Doha, and inviting speakers with experience and knowledge. And you know what, it worked really well. The conference was created to bring students from the Middle East a flavour of

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What have you got planned next week?

/ November 23, 2018

We will be working to create understanding and excitement for science through innovation and forensic science in Doha. Forensics, Neuroscience, Psychopathy, Sports, Elite Performance. The ASPIRE Psychology Conference is the biggest in Qatar. If you can’t make it, a little like, to show support is good enough. Thanks everybody involved @DohaCollege @findasolutionuk @Com_Forensics and others — Mr M. Stewart

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WorldSkills UK 2018 finals

/ November 15, 2018

It is that time of year again and our competitors are all set in their scenes dealing with an acid attack during a drugs deal set in a corner shop. Can you see the evidence? How would you deal with this scene?

Think FORENSIC Science

/ November 2, 2018

The Bank of England is soon to issue a new £50 note and while I am sure there are not many of us who will ever see one it would be lovely to have the ability to choose the face on the note. With all UK bank notes the front is always depicted featuring HM The Queen, the reverse however

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