Are you the hostess with the mostess?

The registration for WorldSkills UK 2016 Forensic Science competition opens on the 1st March 2016 and we are looking for locations that can aid us in their delivery as hosts for the heats.

We are already booking dates at Staffordshire University and the City of Westminster Collegelinedin banner v2 in London but we need more to ensure that we can deliver the Forensic Science competition across the UK.

We will bring the equipment and consumables and carry out most of the arrangements to enable you to show off the outstanding facilities you have to college and University students who will be visiting for the day.

Usually we will liaise with you and pick a date between 7 April (when registrations close) and 1 July.

What we are looking for is an area we can set our scenes up (usually no more than four identical scenes) and one laboratory where we can carry out the analysis of evidence at four workstations. This year the laboratory will focus on DNA processes. A step above the last few years and this is to ensure more competitors can enter. Grants Scientific Instruments is our main sponsor for equipment in 2016.

We do not set out to make people fail, the competition is designed to allow those who are great at crime scene sciences to score highly on the scenes but not so well in the lab, and vice versa, those with good analytical techniques to score highly in the lab but less well in the scenes. This creates a level playing field and the scores do reflect this. But we are looking for the very best student in the UK, make no bones about it.

The competition is open to BTEC and University students and those who have recently left education and are hopefully in the industry.

If you enter competitors, they are not allowed (under competition rules) to attend a heat in their own location. So please do pass this message around the colleges and Universities, work places and training facilities where you are located. We are always looking for more hosts to accommodate the heats.

We would very much like you to provide the lab, the scene spaces, a co-located briefing/rest room for the competitors and a room for the judges.

Lunch for the competitors, judges and admin team is also appreciated.

If you want to showcase your college, university or workplace by becoming a host for 2016 please let us know.

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