Are we starting to see Privatised Forensics?

In 2012 the company known as G4S was meant to start bringing together Forensic Services for a few Policing Agencies in the West Midlands but due to their botched and inept failures at the Olympics that year saw the forces all pull out.

What many people don’t know is that G4S has been supplying and delivering forensic services in Lincolnshire for over a decade.

Yes thats right privatised forensic services in the UK have been here for a while now.

Lets not make the mistake of confusing these forensic services with those of Forensic Laboratories (such as the Defunct FSS, or Cellmark, Eurofins or others). These services are the front line, crime scene investigator services that “only police forces” are allowed to deliver (much like fingerprint expert status!!!)

Today it is no surprise that forces are unable to deploy forensic investigators to the majority of minor crimes but is this the start of a bigger roll out of “private forensic services”?

I think it is and this report from the Plymouth Live website shows how these stretched police forces are struggling to provide services but also with everything coming under one banner “with 300 staff” is the start and it will end up by being run by a private company.

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