An Introduction to Mortuary Science.

Three things in life are fact and happen to us all.

You are born, you pay taxes and you die.

We have people who look after you when you are born, parents, midwives and many others in the communities around us.

We have “The Tax Man” to chase us and look for our taxes to fund our brilliant NHS and other services. We need them so must pay for them one way or another.

And lastly we die. We all do it, some too soon, others after a long ripe life. And those left behind are often wondering why, how and can we have stopped it.

Answering many of those questions are Pathologists. Doctors who specialise in the research and investigation of bodies with the utmost respect for those who have died.

2015 saw a new partnership evolve between Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust and Complete Forensics resulting in the countries only Continuous Professional Development (CPD) certified course in Mortuary Science.13585206_983530265101491_8407780250660508323_o

Without pathologists we would not be able to see the effects of cancers and other viruses and diseases on the human body. We would not be able to build defences to stop them attacking other humans or know that once death has started to take us our organs can be used to save another.

The Pathologist is a highly specialised role and training takes many years. They are assisted by Anatomical Pathology Technicians (APT’s) who are highly trained and skilled workers spending more time in the mortuary than should be needed.

The APT (in days gone by was called the Mortician) is the one who carries out routine work preparing the bodies for the post mortem and then repairing them for the undertaker to make them presentable for the family and onward cremation/burial.

There is a growing trend in the UK to make all courses into a degree course. But sometimes it is just not needed and vocational technical training is better left to those who can deliver on the job.

The Introduction to Mortuary Science Course is a CPD certified course, backed up with authentication from the CPD Certification Service.

The course teaches those looking at careers in this exciting and needed industry the basics of legislation, systems, policies, and provides plenty of hands on activities in the mortuary.

The delegates leave with a CPD Certificate respected the world over but also the knowledge that can help them gain employment.

Kelly and Chloe have both succeeded in gaining trainee positions in different hospital trusts as trainee APT’s. This wonderful news and both have different educational backgrounds.

Further courses are planned and more information can be found on the website of Complete Forensics and the course can be booked on The Forensic Shop.

This course is aimed at over 18’s only.

Article written by TriniCSI and featured on the Tameside and Glossop Integrated Care NHS Foundation Trust Website  [here]

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