A winning mentality

A winning mentality

You will by now have heard that Catherine Jones a 26 year old student from Gower College Swansea succeeded in becoming the 7th Gold Medal winner in Forensic Science during WorldSKills UK LIVE 2019.

Catherine Jones
WorldSkills UK Forensic Science champion 2019

We managed to catch up with Catherine and ask a few questions about her win:

Why did you enter?

My lecturer Amy Herbert put the competition to me and asked if I’d like to give it a go as they have never done it before – of all the people she could have picked and she chose me! After doing some research I realised that the competition would be a massive opportunity to do some networking and open up some doors into the industry. I live and breathe forensics and to even be given the chance to compete was a massive deal.

What was competing like?

The competition itself was the most terrifying yet fun experience I have had to date, and at first I never thought I could win it – little old me from Swansea! Taking part in the competition made me realise how big of a deal it was and how much I wanted the gold – and I WAS going to take it!!

Now you are the UK Champion how does it feel and what does the future hold?

It feels absolutely amazing to be named ‘the new UK champion’ and I am going to take every opportunity that may come my way! My dream job is to become a murder investigator, or work in proximity within forensic pathology and hopefully my new title will allow me the means to explore these ventures!

I am sure it will Catherine, from us all here at Complete Forensics good luck we will be watching closely.

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