A new level of Police Community Support Officer?

Greater Manchester Police (GMP) are now recruiting for Local Resolution Officers (LRO).

I presume this is a new layer of policing that sits under the PCSO but reports (like the PCSO) to the Sergeant.

I think this is amazing and not to be undertaken lightly.

The role description states,

The role is focusing on problem solving and achieving a speedy and effective resolution to citizens’ problems and as such, LROs are becoming an integral part of the LPT. By resolving the problem sooner the citizen receives the service that they need allowing them to ‘put it behind them’ and ‘get on with their lives’. It also avoids unnecessary work being channelled to other members of the LPT allowing them to focus on local priority issues.

The idea is to resolve disputes without the need for the Police Officer being called, keeping them on investigation duties.

Have a look and see if you might like the role.


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