A Charity Plea to you… from me…

Some of you will have seen the news over the last week about the new charity centre opened by Lord Dannett in the South of the UK to better help veterans.Believe it or not we have been working over the last year to open the same type of organisation in the North near Manchester.There is not as much money in this region and there is also not as much help for those many hundreds of thousands of Service personnel who come from the North of the UK.
Not even Help 4 Heroes have a centre in the North West….We could do with your support. Like the page, offer a donation, make us your companies charitable partner (charity registration is going through now) or offer services or equipment in kind. If you are a social enterprise or charity be part of our plans to help and guide those that have lost their way.Join us today.https://www.facebook.com/ArmouryTrust/

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