2x Crime Scene Investigator roles available

Crime Scene Investigator roles with the Regional Scientific Support Services in Leeds and Bradford (with potential further vacancies available in the Wakefield area)

Regional Scientific Support Services (RSSS) forms part of West Yorkshire Police (WYP) and supplies Crime Scene Investigation (CSI) services to the Yorkshire and Humber police forces. Crime Scene Investigators are locally based within the communities they serve. An exciting opportunity has arisen in the West Yorkshire area where we are looking to recruit two Crime Scene Investigators. We are looking for candidates that not only will become experienced CSI’s but have the potential of progressing to a Senior Crime Scene Investigator role.

It is a real pity (Pete) that a degree or operational experience is essential as a CSI does not need a degree to do their job. By all means have one but not everyone is capable of getting a degree and saddling themselves with £50K worth of debt for a role that you need to think critically, read and write in English and be able to communicate. That’s really disappointing.

Expertise in Role Required (At selection – Level 1)

Essential or Desirable

Science based degree or equivalent practical experience in a relevant operational environment. Essential

Basic knowledge of and ability to operate computer packages including casework management systems, crime systems Excel and Word Essential

Can demonstrate good communication skills and an aptitude for working in a diverse community Essential

Demonstrated understanding of H&S issues and legislation relevant to volume crime scene examination and attendance Essential

Demonstrated knowledge of the practical techniques used to examine volume crime scenes and understanding of the investigative response to such incidents Essential

Due to the nature of the role, must provide Biometric samples (fingerprints and DNA) for inclusion on the respective Police Elimination Databases for routine speculative searching purpose Essential

Basic knowledge of practical application of forensic science. Desirable

Demonstrated competence and performance in attending and examining volume crime scenes as defined by the CSI National Occupational Standards Desirable

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