Inspiration by Destiny

If you watch nothing else today, tomorrow or ever please watch this.
If you have the ability to help send Destiny for further treatment (£38k is needed) I will get the link for you. [UPDATE: Here it is]
If you are in the science community and want a challenge to help people across the world… look into this… Ehlers Danlos Syndrome
I met this young lady this week. She is going to study Law next September and has already completed her Forensic Science courses mostly from hospital!
Destiny also helps students at Brooklands College complete their studies, using her amazing mind and experiences to make education fun, interactive and an experience to cherish, I can understand when Dale (Brunt) the lecturer says to me that she is his right hand.
Destiny is also the  very recently crowned Miss Surrey 2018
Start the video from 39 minutes and just watch the last quarter of this show.

Destiny is on the far right of this photo

The Brooklands College Forensic Science department are delighted to have received a certificate of endorsement from the Chartered Society of Forensic Sciences and are currently the ONLY college to hold this endorsement.
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