21st Century Caribbean

Ok so time for a rant. Not only are many people of this country lazy , yes they are… They accept any old excuse and rubbish that is thrown at them. The only time I have seen a local get vocal is if their wages or their beer time is being cut. You may think that is harsh but come and live here.

If you have power cuts at the same time every year you would take steps to ensure it didn’t happen the following year. Not here. The women think they have sexy bodies, some do but the majority are over weight heffers who need a trip to the real world. And I don’t mean they need to be super skinny either.
Crime is a major problem here. And its the same attitude again. People want something done about it, or so they say, but they will not pay the dues to get it done.

A friend of mine owns a phone shop. He will not commit to taking anyone on in his shop even though he has had a notice up for over four months advertising for help. He is just too lazy. I know the perfect candidate for his shop but he won’t get a call because Kevin keeps putting it off. Lazy.

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